Salt Nornir Robot Library

salt_nornir.salt_nornir_robot is a Robot Framework test library to use with Salt-Nornir.


  • Minions - glob patterns of minions to target using Salt local client function, additional parameters can be passed as key-word arguments

  • Hosts - hosts to target, supports Fx filters as key-word arguments, by default expects a list of glob patterns to use with FB filter

  • nr.test - runs Salt-Nornir nr.test execution function with provided arguments and key-word arguments


This test suite runs two tests:

*** Settings ***
Library    salt_nornir.salt_nornir_robot

*** Test Cases ***
Test NTP
    Minions    nrp1
    Hosts      ceos*
    nr.test    show clock    contains    local

Test Software Version
    Minions    nrp1
    Hosts      FM=arista_eos
    nr.test    show version    contains    7.3.2

to run it using robot command line tool:

robot /path/to//salt_nornir_robot_suite.robot