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How to refresh Nornir Proxy Pillar?

Calling pillar.refresh will not update running Nornir instance. Instead, after updating pillar on salt-master, to propagate updates to proxy-minion process either of these will work:

  • restart Nornir proxy-minion process e.g. systemctl restart salt-proxy@nrp1.service

  • run salt nrp1 nr.nornir refresh command to re-initialize Nornir

where nrp1 - Nornir Proxy minion id/name.

How to target individual hosts behind nornir proxy minion?

To address individual hosts targeting, Nornir filtering capabilities utilized using additional filtering functions, reference nornir-salt module FFun function for more information. But in short have to use Fx parameters to filter hosts, for example:

# target only IOL1 and IOL2 hosts:
salt nrp1 nr.cli "show clock" FB="IOL[12]"